Bach Tuoc So JSC is a multi-disciplinary investment group with products and services applied information technology platform.

Established in 2011 starting with Game Online, since 2016, Bach Tuoc So JSC has been actively investing and developing in new fields (applying operating and developing technology), such as developing applications, applying Blockchain platform into areas of life; Ecommerce…

Board of directors understands the market and has long-term vision as well as enthusiastic and high-skilled young employees. Bach Tuoc So JSC is confident to bring satisfaction to customers on our products and services

· Name: BACH TUOC SO JSC ( Bach Tuoc So Joint Stock Company).

· Business areas: Production and distribution of online games, services running on online platforms, software outsourcing..

· Total number of employees in the Group: 100 employees (Game array, mobile application). 70 personnel (Real Estate, E-commerce.

· Representative office: 27- 31, Floor 2 SISC Building, 9A Street, Trung Son Residential, HCMC.

· Telephone Number: (+84 28) 7300.6016 - Fax: (+84 28) 5431. 9530

· Website:

Board of Directors

Bach Tuoc So JSC always provides the best condition and environment for employees to work effectively with policies such as no dress code; respecting personal opinions, being unafraid of conflicts for mutual development; exchanging experiences, participating in stimulation activities with high spirit teamwork to improve employees flexibility in work and skills...

Potential Finance

Promoting financial strength from successful projects, Bach Tuoc So JSC always focuses on researching and developing effective products to maximize benefits for stakeholders, Employees' benefits and Customers.

Human Resources

Young, enthusiastic and experienced engineers in reputable studios.
No uniforms

Join with us, you are free to choose the outfit to the company. We respect your preferences and your style.

Respect personal opinions

Debate - Conflict for a common goal is an incentive in Bach Tuoc So JSC.

Exciting picnic activities

You will be challenging yourself with adventure games, requiring teamwork and will of each participating member.

No matter who you are

At the Bach Tuoc So JSC, regardless of which school you are from, which country you are, ... we are ready to collaborate with you if you have the ability.

Learn experiences from colleagues

When working at the Bach Tuoc So JSC, you will learn more valuable experiences from other colleagues in the company. From there, you can be more flexible in your work and solve difficult problems.


Bach Tuoc So Joint Stock Company

27- 31, Floor 2 SISC Building, 9A Street, Trung Son Residential, HCMC

Phone: (+84 28) 7300.6016
Fax: (+84 28) 5431. 9530